Rachel Williamson was brought up in a household where yoga was practised. She began her own practice in the 1970s as a teenager, inspired by the then-famous TV yogi, Richard Hittleman.


Between 2000 and 2010 Rachel was a student of Sarah Harris, who studied to become a yoga teacher in India with Swami Hari Harji from Jodpur. In 2002 Rachel completed a yoga foundation course with the British Wheel of Yoga, taught by Sarah.


Rachel completed her teaching diploma with the Kevala Centre in 2008, gaining a Complementary Health Education Diploma in Yoga Teaching (with Distinction) and has now enjoyed over 3000 hours of teaching.


Rachel continues her studies and has attended many yoga workshops.

She has completed a Foundation Course with the International School of Dru Yoga (2013); a Yin Yoga Intensive with Norman Blair - one of only a handful of UK teachers to be endorsed by Sarah Powers (2014), and an Advanced Yin Teacher Training, also with Norman (2017).


In 2018 she completed a Seasonal Yoga Online 6 Season Study Programme (blending the Taoist 5 element approach with yoga) under the watchful eye of Julie Hanson the course Director.

This was followed by Rachel achieving the Seasonal Advanced / Masters certificate in 2020, after studying in Glasgow with founders Julie Hanson and Sue Woodd.



Rachel is a member of the Independent Yoga Network


Yoga Register Teacher - (YRT) 500 Hrs (Eastern Region)



Rachel enjoys exploring the many different approaches to yoga, and aims to bring that variety of experience to her teaching. She does not adhere to any one school of yoga or style of teaching, believing that all approaches have something to offer.


She encourages her students to discover what works for them and to develop a practice that is unique to them as individuals.

Rachel sincerely believes that yoga will benefit everyone and that everyone can “do” yoga.



When she’s not teaching or practising yoga Rachel enjoys being with her family, meeting people, roaming the countryside, loving animals (especially her cat), learning about health and wellbeing, and cooking. She has been vegan since 1995.