Seasonal yoga classes run online via Zoom...


Thursdays 6 - 7.30 pm     Seasonal Yang class


Saturdays 10 - 11.30 am     Seasonal Yang class

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"I first joined Rachel’s class as a total beginner about 6 years ago and I am so glad that I did. My main reason for wanting to give yoga a go was to help me cope with my anxiety which I was really struggling with and I have found practising yoga and breathing exercises has really helped me.

I love the structure to the classes and the variety of poses and sequences really keeps things fresh and interesting. I have met such lovely people and there is a nice relaxed, respectful atmosphere to the class which feels very comfortable, something which I felt even from when I first joined.

I have learnt a lot more than just stretches, I have learnt how to be mindful and most importantly how to be kind to myself. I have found this way of being spills over into my daily life and I am a much happier person for it."


K.G. Letchworth


Starting the class