I came to yoga in my teenage years, feeling a need to get in touch with my body in a way that didn’t happen during PE classes at school, where I was made to feel embarrassed and ashamed of my poor co-ordination and lack of fitness. I used books and the occasional TV programme to put simple practice sessions together and soon experienced the benefits.

Rachel practicing yoga


I was fortunate that my parents had an interest in yoga, they had both attended classes at one time or another, and there were many books around the house. I remember attending a yoga class in London with my Mum when I was about 6 or 7 (around 1970) filled with women in leotards and fishnets tights!


So I’ve been around yoga for many years, and my practice has waxed and waned during that time, but seen me through some challenging periods, including ill-health, family illness and work stresses.


I started to take the practice more seriously when I reached my 30s and had more time to devote. I was instinctively drawn to the idea of teaching.

My practice has really evolved since those early days when the emphasis (let’s face it) was on looking good; strengthening, stretching and toning the body. I’ve attended a variety of classes, workshops and trainings, alongside a continuing home practice, and know what works for me!


I appreciate the calm and balance that yoga brings me; the feeling of being centred and grounded, in my body…of being truly myself. My practice includes pranayama (breathing) and meditation as well as a physical practice. And I try to live my life mindful of the ethical aspects of yoga.


In my teaching what I share is always based on my own practice and experience, which is constantly evolving. I enjoy bringing variety to my classes.



A few years ago I found Seasonal Yoga, which incorporates Taoist philosophy and traditional yoga, and it really spoke to me… It makes so much sense to match our own practice and natural rhythms with those of nature all around us. My Yin Yoga and Dru experience naturally supported this, almost as if previous trainings were purposely taking me in the Seasonal direction! I am able to use all that I’ve learnt (and keep on learning) with this approach, taking it into my classes, workshops and courses.

As part of my ongoing personal evolution I am currently (2022) studying Qigong with Sue Woodd.



I live in Letchworth with my family and 2 cats. I enjoy learning, learning and learning more about health and wellbeing, and sharing that knowledge. I have been a vegan since 1995.


I genuinely believe yoga is for everyone and anyone can practice yoga.




British Wheel of Yoga Foundation Course - 2002

Kevala Centre Complementary Health Education Diploma in Yoga Teaching – 2008

Dru Yoga Foundation Course – 2013

Norman Blair’s Yin Yoga Teacher Training – 2014

Norman Blair’s Advanced Yin Yoga Teacher Training – 2017

Seasonal Yoga Online 6 Season Study Programme – 2018

Seasonal Yoga Advanced/Masters Certificate - 2020


Recognised as:

 IYN “Yoga Elder” (at least 5000 hours of teaching)

Seasonal Yoga 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher

Yoga Alliance Professionals: Senior Teacher


Rachel practicing yoga