“I remember going to my first class with a little apprehension – as a male in his late 20s (and a kickboxer!), the thought of doing yoga with a bunch of middle-aged women to enhance my limited flexibility was certainly new territory for me.


From the first moments in class, I felt instantly at ease; Rachel quietly guided me through a sequence of poses and I quickly became conscious of the movement in my body and how with a simple twisting movement, my spine seemed to just release. I went again the next week, and over time, as the movements became more familiar, I could focus on the breathing and the inner peace it provides.


We all have such busy and hectic lifestyles, but I find yoga keeps me grounded and once a week I can dedicate time to looking inwards. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone wanting to begin a yoga journey -  the classes are friendly, relaxed and highly enjoyable.”


JS. Letchworth

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Seasonal Yoga - Online via Zoom

The classes are an hour and a half long and include some postures, sequences, breathing practice (pranayama) and relaxation. They usually involve some flowing movement.

What postures we practice and the energy of the class will change with seasons, according to the 5 Element system from Chinese Medicine.

A reasonable level of agility is required but these classes will not leave you gasping for breath or pouring with sweat.

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 Gentle Yoga - Online via Zoom

These gentle classes are shorter and less challenging than the regular classes. They are aimed at older beginners or the slightly less agile.  Classes include breath coordinated movement, postures, simple sequences and relaxation. Attendees will need to be able to get up and down from the floor reasonably easily, although an adapted practice in a chair may also be possible.

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Yin Yoga - Online via Zoom

Yin Yoga is a special kind of practice where mainly seated and lying down postures are held for several minutes (usually 2-5). Poses are held in a relaxed and steady way, increasing the flexibility of the joints, gently stretching and rehabilitating the connective tissues. Soft breathing and mindfulness will be encouraged. A typical class will include around 6-10 postures and a relaxation. Yin Yoga is a great complement to an existing more active (or yang) yoga practice.

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Some of the class