Autumn workshop online – Yoga, Resilience and Wellbeing


Sunday 15 November – 2-5pm – on Zoom


With the challenge of Covid19 and the coming of the Winter months, this workshop will help you improve your physical and mental resilience so you can cope better with uncertainty and bring yourself back into balance.


Learn more about:

·         Boosting immunity

·         Eating the right foods for the season

·         Managing stress

·         Practising self-care


The session will include yoga postures and chi gung movements for the Autumn, pranayama, Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep or deep relaxation) and hints and tips for wellbeing practices that can be used at home.


Workshop price: £20 to current students, £25 to others (payable in advance)

If you are unemployed or furloughed, make contact with me, bursaries are available.


To book in, please email Rachel.

“The fruition of a committed yoga practice is the capacity to deeply relax the inner struggle with life’s paradoxes. Someone who is steeped in yoga is better able to tolerate the extremes of heat or cold, agility or immobility, sadness or joy, free from psychological confusion, resistance, or struggle”.

                                                                                               Sarah Powers